Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

Legacy Ventures has been managing real estate for over 15 years. As commercial property owners and managers, we recognize there are specific needs and desires depending on each property and owner and their unique situations. Legacy Ventures is an experienced property manager, not a realtor. While insuring the property is occupied at a competitive rate is paramount, property maintenance is important and can be costly if not done correctly, timely or competitively. Our commercial property management expertise enables us to provide property owners, estates and Trustee’s with the specific solutions to their every need with qualified and experienced tradesmen.

Initial or scheduled reviews and observations of property

In the event the property owners are unable to view their properties, we will make the requested inquiry for them. Photographs can be provided as well as a report of our observations. This can be accomplished on a scheduled basis or as frequently or infrequently as desired

Detailed property inspections by certified Professional Engineers
If the owner wants an inspection by a professional, we have access to Professional Engineers that can examine any portion of the building or a general overall view. This can be helpful in areas where the slabs may be cracking, foundation is settling, roof issues, or any number of situations where an expert is necessary. Monitoring these situations may be all that is necessary, but if repairs are recommended Legacy Ventures can complete them.
Insurance advocates
We believe proper management of  insurance is crucial to property owners. As an advocate for your insurance needs, we offer a FREE review of your current coverage and pricing by our exclusive Certified Insurance Councilors and licensed insurance agents. Upon request, we provide alternatives to our client’s current insurance policies, with no commitment on the part of the property owner. In the event property owners suspect they may have an insurable claim, we urge them to take advantage of our FREE services, before filing it with their providers to protect their insurability.
Coordinate insurance inspections
Frequently, insurance companies want inspections of properties as a routine practice. Usually, they are verifying to see if the business is conducting business as described in their application and/or looking for hazards. We can coordinate their inspection with your tenant or representative and sometimes a preliminary discussion and review with them can avert a problem at the time of inspection.
Cost segregation services
If you own a commercial building, reading our Cost Segregation section is essential and may be a considerable tax savings. Legacy Ventures represents Accelerated Cost Recovery Solutions, a group of CPA’s, engineers, consultants and tax professionals with over 100 years of combined experience. Their study’s meet the highest standards of quality in the Cost Segregation industry.
Roof repairs and inspections
Knowing who to trust and believe when it comes to roofs is difficult. Even the insurance “expert” may not have a lot of experience and may not have your best interest in mind. Legacy knows the top of the line roofing companies; and when necessary, we can bring in an independent consultant. If it’s finding a pesky leak or squaring off on an insurance claim, we know where to start. Legacy can be your advocate in gathering the facts and working with your insurance company to get the job performed correctly.
Thermo photography for insulation purposes and possible mold identification/ avoidance
Thermo photography can identify locations where the conditioned air is escaping and where additional insulation or sealing is advisable. It can also be useful in identifying leaks in the building where rain or ground water could be seeping and encouraging mold growth. Mold is becoming much more important to control and avoid. Legacy’s subcontractors have the equipment and experience to do the job.
Alarm install, review, upgrading, CCTV & recording
Security is high on most everyone’s list, and the technology in this field is causing equipment to quickly become outdated. We can coordinate the installation of a new fire system , burglary, CCTV cameras system and provide all the extras from arming and disarming remotely to receiving texts & emails each time there is activity on the system. Do you want to see the property from your television at home? Our expert alarm company can do that too.
Paving repairs and sealing (asphalt and/or concrete)

Paving is a constant and expensive headache for all property owners. There are numerous methods of repairing parking lots, sidewalks and other paved surfaces around commercial buildings. Some are more permanent, some can be repaired to prolong a more expensive repair, and certain maintenance can prevent future or further damage. Even if the cost is being passed through to the tenant, it is important for the owner to remain competitive. Excessive CAM charges can cause a tenant to look elsewhere. Legacy Ventures can obtain recommendations and proposals, along with our recommendations, as well as overseeing the project.

Slab remediation

When a slab starts settling or breaking up, it needs to be repaired properly. Sometimes a crack can be filled to prolong the repairs and sometimes even avert the need to remediate. However, when concrete needs to be replaced, it needs to be done correctly. Repacking the fill sand and tying in the new concrete to the remaining with rebar for strength is essential. Legacy can help see that the job is correctly.

HVAC maintenance and repairs

Many owners don’t think of the heat and air conditioning units until it breaks down. Quick response is important to your tenants, but proper maintenance of the equipment can avoid breakdowns. Legacy Ventures handles all aspects of HVAC repairs.


Whether it is a leaky faucet, a stopped up toilet or a sewer line replacement, service is essential. Small leaks are frequently overlooked by tenants and owners alike until they become a problem. By then mold could have developed or fixtures rusted and no longer repairable. When sewer clean out is necessary, it is frequently only partially cleared and susceptible to reoccurrence in a few weeks. Knowing the companies and technicians that do the job correctly is important, and Legacy knows who to hire.

Locksmith rekeying

Whenever a key is lost or a tenant locked out, immediate service from a qualified and certified locksmith is important. Whether it is emergency service, a scheduled rekeying, or even maintaining a “master key” setup, we know how to handle the situation.

Have vacancy and need a realtor?

Most Realtors specialize in different types of property. Some specialize in marketing corner lots to retailers, some in offices, while others are more familiar with warehouse and industrial property. Legacy Ventures is not a Realtor, but will assist the property owners in finding and connecting with the realtor most likely to successfully lease or sell your property.

Invoicing and receipt of lease/ rental income
Some tenants require invoices to make their payments. These invoices can be generated and mailed by Legacy with the payments being directed as desired by the owner
Landscaping (installation and maintenance)

Not everyone with a lawn mower is a landscaping professional. Landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive. Properly trimmed bushes and trees are healthier and more attractive to tenants, prospects and their visitors. When replacements are necessary, Legacy Ventures purchases healthy replacement plants from local wholesale nurseries. Irrigation systems are an important part of landscaping but can be a nightmare. Proper water means healthier plants and fewer replacements. With the ever-changing Oklahoma weather, the irrigation system must constantly be adjusted. Properly trimmed bushes and trees are healthier and more attractive to tenants, prospects and their visitors. Legacy can handle all your landscape needs, design and installations to routine maintenance and at competitive prices.

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