About Us

  • Since 2003

    We are a well-established Oklahoma based company

    Legacy Ventures, L.L.C. has been in business since 2003 in Oklahoma building new construction, investing in and leasing property in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Western Oklahoma and Texas. Properties range from 2400 Sq. Ft. industrial property, such as our high end executive office suites, to 100,000 Sq. Ft. warehouses; from rural property to property on I-40 in Oklahoma City. We have obtained a firsthand experience in the different and proper ways to repair and maintain property and in dealing with suppliers, contractors and insurance adjusters to insure our tenants are protected.

  • 2014

    Cost Segregation becomes an important cost savings aspect of our client’s business

    We were introduced to the subject of “Cost Segregation” from an out-of state CPA and we had a financially beneficial experience. It was then suggested that Legacy Ventures consider representing Cost Segregation Services, Inc., the company that performed our Cost Segregation study. C.S.S.I. is a professional consulting firm based in Louisiana, providing a variety of services to help client’s lower taxes. Their primary service offering is Cost Segregation Studies. The team consists of consultants, CPA’s and engineers with over 75 years of combined experience in cost segregation, cost recovery, and tax planning experience. Their products meet the highest standard of quality set by the industry and IRS. Site inspections performed for the cost segregation studies are done by degreed and/or professional engineers, and each report is certified by CPA’s. We recognized C.S.S.I. as a quality organization as are our other vendors and craftsmen and the products applied to our existing customer base

Legacy Ventures proudly offers our serviceexperience, and knowledge to like-minded property owners and would welcome the opportunity to visit with you about how we can help with your needs, or your client’s  property needs including a free analysis and proposal on your project.

Client Testimonials

Executive Suites have been the perfect place for us to office. Graciously appointed, the “package” of internet, phone and cleaning service all are included in our rental price, which proved to be much less expensive than acquiring it on our own. Plus, if we have additional space needs, the management team is very accommodating in assisting us. It’s a great fit!


My relationship with Legacy Ventures began in 2011.Having managed a locally owned business with multiple locations for several years, I’ve had relationships with many commercial property management companies. I can honestly say that my experience with Legacy Ventures has exceeded my expectations in regards to their professionalism, quick response time, and building upkeep and maintenance. At one time, they went above and beyond by assisting me in filling a insurance claim after the building sustained damage from a tornado. They also worked with the Oklahoma City Police Department to provide additional security patrol after of our locations had multiple break-ins.


The personnel of Legacy Ventures take good care of their properties. I have been on this premise for two years and have been visited by Mike a dozen times. He comes to see how I am doing and to see if building needs any attention. Where I came from, I only met the property manager once in 19 years. The yard is kept nice with their landscaping team. When a bush or plant dies out, It’s replaced. Two months after I moved here and got settled in and operational, I discovered that the hot water tank was not working(I failed to check that on my pre-inspection).Legacy Ventures took care of that on their dime, when I was supposed to. I enjoy being accompanied by them.


The office atmosphere was very conducive for any professional looking for a relaxed, enjoyable and professional work place for both getting daily work done and hosting client meetings. I enjoyed enjoyed the comradery amongst the tenats, as well as the turnkey services and perks offered by the owner.


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